I am a second year Ph.D. student in information at University of Arizona. My advisor is Peter Jansen. I received my master degree in computer science from University of Michigan and my undergraduate degree in microelectronic engineering from Fudan University.

My research interests are mainly in question answering and understanding how computer models reason knowledge and apply knowledge to answer questions. I am especially interested in multi-modal question answering and the use of virtual simulation environments for question answering model training and benchmarking.

Before I worked in natural language processing, I had research experiences in medical image processing and embedded systems.

Some of my personal interests include reading fictions and history, soccers, and traveling.


email: ruoyaowang@arizona.edu


  • Behavior Cloned Transformers are Neurosymbolic Reasoners.
    Ruoyao Wang, Peter Jansen, Marc-Alexandre Côté, Prithviraj Ammanabrolu.

  • ScienceWorld: Is your Agent Smarter than a 5th Grader?. Ruoyao Wang*, Peter Jansen*, Marc-Alexandre Côté, Prithviraj Ammanabrolu.
    EMNLP 2022
    [pdf] [code] [project]

  • FIBER: Fill-in-the-Blanks as a Challenging Video Understanding Evaluation Framework.
    Santiago Castro, Ruoyao Wang, Pingxuan Huang, Ian Stewart, Oana Ignat, Nan Liu, Jonathan C. Stroud, Rada Mihalcea.
    ACL 2022
    [pdf] [code]

  • LifeQA: A Real-life Dataset for Video Question Answering.
    Santiago Castro, Mahmoud Azab, Jonathan C. Stroud, Cristina Noujaim, Ruoyao Wang, Jia Deng, Rada Mihalcea.
    LREC 2020
    [pdf] [code] [project]

  • High-resolution image reconstruction for portable ultrasound imaging devices.
    Ruoyao Wang, Zhenghan Fang, Jiaqi Gu, Yi Guo, Shicong Zhou, Yuanyuan Wang, Cai Chang and Jinhua Yu.
    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

  • Remote Embedded Simulation System for SW/HW Co-design Based On Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration.
    Jiaqi Gu, Ruoyao Wang, Jian Wang, Jinmei Lai and Qinghua Duan.
    IEEE International Conference on ASIC (ASICON) 2017